Titled ‚consistency’ Maximilian Moll (b. 1967 in Cologne) and Yotaro Niwa (b. 1973 in Hyogo, Japan) are showing spatial installations, video installations and sculpture, which deals with gaps in human perception. They directly refer to the architectural specifics of the institute and create a dialogue of intellectual and sensual challenge.

„I’m interested in showing known things in a new context, in questioning reality playfully and in creating worlds with different visual vocabulary- worlds the viewer can literally be drawn into all around.“ Maximilian Moll explains his work.„Yotaro questions functionalities of objects, I work adequately with historical, social and psychological moments. Hence, the title ‚consistency’, refering to the absent, the the gap that is filled in unconsciously.“

Perception of everyday life is complex and works on different levels. In the processing of sensory stimuli the human mind is supported by functionalities of objects, places or symbols that are inextricably linked with them, an enormous amount of underlying influences. Oftentimes our senses bridge these gaps with information that is not really there and helps us in perceiving a consistent world. Many irregularities, jumps, missing parts, holes, fractures do exist in all aspects but are often ‚overseen’ in order to live in a harmonic world.

To show these fractions and to play with them ist he mutual interest of both artists. The specific intention of Yotaro Niwa is to create spaces in which everyday items can be seen differently and can be perceived in an unexpected and surprising context. His materials are things and their pieces, as well as parts of found and artistically modified or created objects. These will be orchestrated void of their genuine function, like a ladder with too many holes or a door attached to the floor ort he ceiling, so it can only be opened in an uncommon way.

The works of Maximilian Moll are comprised of sire-specific video pieces which are projected on walls and windows or can be seen on monitors. In addition the artist works photgraphic-sculpturally with photo fragments recombined to sculptures. This deconstruction does not only refer to viewable images of personal memories like family gatherings or holidays, but he is tapping in a more general level of meaning. This segmentation and reorganization of reality, opposing ususal viewing patterns, gives spaces fort he the creation of a different, virtual reality.

Angela Ziegenbein


Things happening

single channel video installation


Steter Tropfen / constant drip

wood, metal, paper, photos, epoxy resin


Wer will nochmal, wer hat noch nicht

/  who goes again, who didn‘t yet?

dual channel video installation